The 5 Most Important Things You MUST Have To Automate Your Real Estate Business

We’re all guilty of this to some degree.

We begin our Real Estate career and immediately start doing what we’re taught.  The list is long too.  They say to do open houses.  Offer to show houses for other agents.  Answer phones in the office for floor time.  Farm neighborhoods for listings and pass out business cards to everyone who can breathe.

In fact, this list is just the beginning of the mountain of advice we are force fed when we first started the business.

Before long, a few months or even years pass and then IT happens…

One ordinary day we wake up YET something feels a little different or like something is wrong.  These feelings lead to thoughts and we start to wonder just how we got to where we are now.

In the beginning, our business was simply about not failing so we never asked ourselves some important questions.  If we were selling houses and making money, then we thought we were winning and everything was good.

Yet, over time, all these methods and approaches have slowly taken a toll on us because we never thought to ask ourselves WHAT kind of business we wanted and HOW we would most enjoy building it.  Most of what we do as Realtors we don’t even enjoy, but we keep doing it blindly thinking this is how we must run a real estate business and this is what it takes to be successful.

It’s what we were told and advised to do so we did it.  We bought it hook, line, and sinker.

But then, eventually that “different feeling” morning happens and we wake up knowing something majorly is wrong.  We know we should feel good about our success but we don’t.  It’s a constant and seemingly never ending pursuit to just make money without any thought to having a business we actually enjoy waking up to.

We finally realize there has to be a BETTER WAY to play this game of real estate TO WIN as we want to define winning on our terms.

And that’s when we finally start to ask ourselves serious questions like…

Why am I working so hard and only making this amount of money?

Do I really like the business I’ve built or have I lost site of what I wanted?

How would it be possible to keep growing my business and like it more than I do now?

That’s the turning point… asking and then answering these kinds of questions because deep down you know if nothing changes, you are heading down a road you don’t want to go.

You were able to ignore some of these thoughts and feelings for a while, but you now realize something has got to give and you need change.

I can relate because this is exactly what it looked like for me too.  I hated what I was taught from the beginning, but I had responsibilities and didn’t know otherwise…so I made it work…just barely.

When I finally started asking myself these same kinds of questions, my business started transforming quickly and I was able to build the real estate business I always wanted.

After asking myself some questions, these were my BIG 4 that I wanted in my business:

  1. Lead generation on autopilot that I actually enjoyed and that attracted high quality leads without tons of cost or time
  2. An automated system that greatly reduced my work hours while improving my services
  3. A business model other business owners envied based on the lifestyle I was living and that made my clients raving fans (a business that was mine and different from the status quo)
  4. A strategy that fit my personality, where I woke up each morning excited, and that was a ton of FUN to carry out because it was meaningful and purposeful

Now in all honesty, this Big 4 seemed like a pipe dream when I first wrote it down.

Yet, once I had the Vision of what I wanted to create, I was able to start seeing what needed to happen to build it and the pieces started falling into place.

I ended up doubling my real estate business four years in a row while decreasing my work hours.  This was prior to following my dream and moving to San Diego, and now I mentor Realtors how to do create the business they want through automation, systems, and a unique strategy.

Essentially, I built a business around what I really wanted and that I enjoyed most.  My business included strategic systems that were automated, cost effective, fulfilled my objectives, and allowed me to work less while increasing my net income every year.

Above all though, I loved the business I created.

So let’s take a look at how you can set up a business like this too by examining “The Top 5 Things You Must Have To Automate Your Real Estate Business


  1. A Database

Now before you think you’ve already got this one figured out, I’m not talking about your parent’s database.  I’m talking about a turbo, state-of-the-art database that does much of the work for you.  You pop the client or lead into to your deliberate system, put them on the correct turn-key campaign, and then let it run its magic.

When you have a database that is run on autopilot, you never have to worry about what’s next for your leads or your clients.  They will be well taken care of and you will be notified when your services are required (all without any worry on your part). What needs to be done next will be done automatically or you will be given a reminder at the right time.

There are only a few different forms of software that accomplish what I’m describing and they are worth every penny for how much more money it will make you, how it will improve your systems, and how it will make your life so much easier.

Here are the four most important things your database MUST be able to do:

– It MUST be able to send emails automatically

– It MUST be able to create a campaign that you can plug clients into that will then just work on it’s own (for example – buyer and seller client campaigns)

– It MUST have a schedule and checklist software that you can easily execute

– And it MUST be simple to navigate and simple to learn (so you actually use it)

Now these are just the basics.  What I teach my clients goes well beyond this, but the main idea is to set up your system once and then benefit from the system there after.

Your database is your gold mine and it needs to be treated as such.  If you set it up and work it properly, then you will routinely find gold without having to dig so hard.

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  1. An Awesome Team

Plain and simple, you can automate and use technology to help you immensely BUT you and technology can NOT do everything.  There will always be things that need a human touch yet there will be activities that are not worth your time that a live person should be doing.

Most Realtors do not realize a team is a form of automation.  Each member of the team performs their task the way you trained them for a specific outcome which should always involve three results… helping you provide better service, allowing you to work less, and making your more money.

Listen closely, if you do not have an assistant, then it will be very difficult to grow your business and to create the lifestyle you want.


Because having been in your shoes and coached many Realtors, I know there are activities that you are now performing that are keeping you stuck and costing you money.

Believe me, I know all the rationalizations.  No one can do it like you.  You can do it fast.  You like doing it.  Assistants cost money.  I don’t have time to train anyone.  Blah blah blah, the list of excuses is endless.

It wasn’t until I hired an assistant that my business really took like a rocket.  I previously had all the excuses, but luckily ended up getting so busy I had no choice.  As a result of hiring help, I spent my time on activities that generated leads, that made me money, and that were the “best use” of my time which then yielded incredible results FAST.

So let’s look at how this is possible.

When working with my clients, many times I suggest a virtual assistant to begin for a few different reasons.  First, virtual assistants are very inexpensive and will work part time with flexible hours.  I show my clients where to find them, how to set it up, what to have them do, and how to train them for great results.

Secondly, the virtual assistant ends up showing them how much help they REALLY need and helps them experience how much time it frees up for themselves.  The third reason I recommend starting with a virtual assistant is to practice what it’s like to manage employees and start having a real business you actually run.

When you are a one-person team, you DO NOT have a business… you have a job and you’re the boss, worker, secretary, listing agent, buyer agent, assistant, and every other hat you can imagine.

And the worst part is (without you even knowing it)… you are only good at a few of those roles.

In fact, you probably are awful at many of these hats and don’t even know how it is hurting you.

The problem of you doing it all is threefold. First, there are not enough hours in the day to be good at all the roles so something is not working optimally. Secondly, you are wasting time on activities that do NOT make you more money or grow your business.  Thirdly, there are so many more productive things that need to be done that will help you make more money that you are not doing right now due to time.

Frankly, you are wasting time, causing yourself extra stress, and leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because you are trying to do it all yourself.

On the other hand, let’s say you DO have an assistant already.  First, great job!  Second, don’t feel too great about yourself because you should be just getting started building your team.  I would encourage you to hire an office manager (or promote the assistant to office manager and hire a new assistant) or maybe a buyer agent to show houses on your behalf.

There are quite a few different strategies to implement when growing your team, but the main point is to be adding team members (once you have properly trained them and are getting results from their help) and design systems/job duties for your new employees to grow your business.

Quick mindset strategy when it comes to having employees…your goal should be to 5x (or more) your employees pay.  For example, if you pay them $500/week, then their role or the time they free up for you should help you make an extra $2500/week.  That’s the minimum goal and not hard to make happen when you know what you are doing.

Hiring the right help and following this strategy will amplify your business and get you astounding results quickly (meaning more money, less time worked). You get to create this how you want and once you have a team you NOW HAVE A REAL BUSINESS!

An amazing team is crucial to an automated and systematic business (plus it makes the journey that much more fun to experience and grow with other people).

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  1. Automated Lead Generation

If your time is required for your lead generation, then you have a MAJOR problem.  Your business needs to be working, or in this case, collecting leads even when you are off enjoying and living your life.

When your lead generation system NEEDS you to be performing all the tasks and relies on you (like open houses for example) then you are going to be limited by how much you can grow your business and you are going to have to work even more.

Not good!

Imagine a large company having their CEO be the marketing, sales person, and service provider all at once.  That would not be a company that would stay in business or ever be able to grow.

You doing ALL the lead generation is NOT a leveraged system and it’s NOT smart.

Your business needs quality leads that meet your ideal client description coming to you on autopilot which means you need a plan that you follow to the letter.  This plan needs to address where the clients come from, how they come to you, how to qualify them so you don’t waste your time, and how to convert them into clients ALL while taking very little (if any) of your time.

So how do you do this?

This is a huge part of what we teach and help our clients implement.

The short answer is through technology and following a plan.  The long answer depends on what kind of clients you want to attract, what kind of business you want, and then devising a strategy that you can scale (implement and ramp up to make more money).

When you have an automated lead generation strategy, it’s a complete game changer for your business.  Overnight, you will have more control of your life and business not to mention be able to reduce your hours while still growing your business.

There are POOR ways of implementing this lead strategy and optimal ways all depending again on what you want to achieve and what kind of real estate business you want to build.

You can set this lead generation system up in a manner that your potential clients are actually impressed by and so that it further separates you from your competition (not to mention makes life much easier on you).

The successful Realtors have this lead system in their business and all the TOP agents leverage this strategy extremely well.  It’s one of the “golden” systems we teach that our clients love and helps them make the improvements they want almost overnight.

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  1. Start With The End In Mind

When my clients first come to me, one of the first questions they ask is “Gavin, how did I get here?  I feel stuck and don’t know how to grow my business doing what I’ve been doing?”

Can you relate?

I sure could and it’s not a bad place to be because when your ask yourself these questions it shows you are now ready to do what it will take to make the necessary improvements.

First, let’s look at how you got to where you are.

Well, simple…you did what everyone does and what I alluded to at the beginning of this document.  You simply did what everyone else told you or taught you to do WITHOUT actually looking at what KIND of business you wanted and HOW you wanted to build your business.

No wonder, right!

I mean half the stuff Realtors do we strongly DISLIKE or even DESPISE.  Makes no sense whatsoever because this mindset is “well, this is just how it is done and how it has to be.”


You can have the business you want, make a ton of money, serve your clients beyond anything you are doing now, work less hours, and absolutely love your business and your life.

It’s possible BUT…

You have to start with the end in mind which means you need to decide what kind of business you want to build moving forward.

What activities do you enjoy doing most?

What makes you the most money?

What would you rather not do?

What kind of money would you like to make?  How is that possible?

How many hours would you like to work?

What experiences would you like to provide your clients?

Frankly, it’s a long list of questions that ALL have to do with what kind of business you want to build.

Let me ask you…would you just go buy a car without thinking about what you liked, how much it cost, and what effect it would have on your life?


Which is why it’s so crazy almost everyone does EXACTLY that with their business.  They set an income goal and off they go only to someday wonder “how in the world did I get here?”

Answer: you never decided what you wanted so when it comes to automating your business, you MUST first know what kind of business would bring you the most amount of joy and that would be worth building to you (and your WHY has got to go well beyond income).

I help my clients build something they are ecstatic about.

In the beginning, they have doubts BUT just the idea of this new business greatly motivates them and before long they start living their vision.  It’s extremely cool to help them do this and see them experience what is possible!

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  1. Supreme Support

Having great support is the often forgotten and most misunderstood MUST have component of an automated business (or any kind of business for that matter).  Most people think support means from their boss or family.  Although having those people in your corner are important, I’m talking about much more support than that.

The kind of support you need is guidance or mentoring that actually shows you what you are missing, the exact roadmap to follow, and helps you navigate through the choppy waters or obstacles that stand in your way.

Going it alone is not only a lonely road, it’s far from smart.


Because the sooner you realize you don’t know what you don’t know the better.

If you knew how to get to where you wanted to go already, then you would have already done so.

Can you figure it out on your own?

Yes, but it will be harder than it has to be, it may not work, and it’s not nearly as fun.

It’s also risky.

We all crave companionship and sharing a common goal that we are working toward together.  Achieving your goals and creating your ideal business as a team where people help and believe in you vastly increases your chances of not just hitting your target, but of actually far surpassing it.

The next aspect concerning support that is misunderstood is having accountability.  When you are your own boss, you can change the rules and settle for less without any consequence (except maybe your own guilt of which you will likely get over quickly lol).

My definition of support is having people in your corner who believe in you and see something more that you don’t see in yourself and who care enough to hold you accountable for that greatness that is already within you.

When you have this kind of support, you can move mountains and it’s why so many people have such success when having a great coach.

Show me a championship team and I will show you an amazing coach.

It’s no different in the business world.

I would still be broke and depressed had I never received the help and hired a coach to show me how to create the business I wanted.  I didn’t know how and they gave me the roadmap.

No matter what level of success you are at right now, more is possible and it can get even better.  You just have to really want it and be open to receiving help and support.

Frankly, none of the first “4 must have things” I’ve already discussed will be nearly as effective without having the kind of support I just described.

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Automating your real estate business is crucial if you want to grow your business consistently without having to work harder.

The 5 things I just described above are all integral parts of having an automated business that will work on autopilot and allow you to intentionally create a business you really enjoy and where you completely control the results and how it is run.

This is obviously a system you can try to implement on your own or you can get help from someone who makes sure you succeed.  My company’s entire focus is toward helping Realtors set up their automated system and create their ideal business/lifestyle.

We’ve got a very unique process that no one else in the industry is doing based on three things: simplicity (easy to implement), fast (quick results), custom (catered to you specific wants and needs).

It does not need to take months or years to create the business you’ve always wanted and we found the formula regarding how to help you transform your business into what you really want immediately without being overwhelmed.

Right now, for a limited time, my business partner (Jeff) and I are offering what we call “9 Minute R.E.M. Calls” to start helping those real estate agents who want professional guidance.

Here’s how it works…

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We will ask you a number of questions to help you determine some things about your current business including where you are right now, what is not working optimally, what needs to improve, and the next steps you should take to get the results you want.

Let me be very clear, this is not a sales call.

We want to offer you our knowledge and provide you value in order to build a relationship with you and to see how we can help you.

There is no need to have a 60 minute strategy call.  In just 9 minutes, we will cut to the chase and help you identify exactly what you need to do next to create the business you really want.

No catches.  No pitches.  Just our quick advice and help.

We’re not offering this call for much longer so click here to set up your “9 Minute R.E.M. Call” with one of us now and let’s get your business exactly the way you want it quickly.

We guarantee this 9 minutes will be the most impactful few minutes you’ve spent on your business in a long time.

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